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AVL is the agent for Eurotruss, Nivtec, Gerriets, CLS, Avid (previously Digidesign), ShowLED, Doughty and Esca-3000. We supply trussing, roof systems, stages, screens, theatre equipment, LED equipment, LED curtains, Venue digital mixing consoles, Pro Tools, rigging solutions and access gear.

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SA's Leading Supplier of Event Technologies

AVL Distribution gives you:
•  The world's finest event equipment brands
•  No-nonsense delivery and excellent back-up service
•  Experienced support - staffed by professionals who have worked in the event industry
•  Competitive pricing for world-class gear

AVL Distribution is SA's leading provider of equipment to the live event industry. As an independently-owned entity staffed by experienced industry professionals, we not only specialise in the supply of the world's finest staging and entertainment equipment, we also ensure that all our customers enjoy the very finest support, training and back-up.
theatre equipment
theatre equipment
Our staff have significant experience in the events industry so you will never be buying blind from us. When you make a purchase from AVL Distribution, you are buying from people who truly know how to use the gear that you are buying. People who know where you're coming from. People who can solve your problems. People who take your shows as seriously as you do.

From trussing to roof systems, stages to rigging gear, video screens to star curtains, digital mixing consoles to recording gear, LED equipment to theatre equipment, AVL Distribution will provide you with the equipment and support to take your company to the next level in event production.
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